Doris Ione
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About Doris ione

Doris Ione represents a sweet and simple lifestyle, made beautiful with timeless traditions, pretty flowers, and vintage fashion. We not only offer flowers and décor for weddings, but also workshops and private instruction; creating intimate moments for families and friends to make memories and carry on traditions or start new ones. We also hope to have some video tutorials and a retail shop in the near future!


Hello! My name is Destiny Pinson, founder and creator of Doris Ione. Doris Ione is named for my two grandmothers, Doris Jean and Eleanor Ione. Their sense of self, timeless charm, humbleness, and industrious knack for fashion and decoration have been a constant source of inspiration for me. In my life and my business, I want to honor my grandmothers by embodying their values and carrying on their tradition.

I am over the moon about having you all follow along with me and feel truly blessed to have all of your friendship and support.